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Our wide range of services includes:

  • Full-vessel agency attendance servicing all vessel types;
  • Maritime Management of Information System including online, detailed local marine and port facility information, electronic daily port updates and actual port information alerts;
  • Vast experience with Lebanese customs and border protection, coast security and all other State regulations that prevail ships, crews and cargoes;
  • We assist ship-owners, lessees and masters when necessary in estimation of the disbursement of their vessels as well as the fees related to loading and discharging operations of cargoes, storage and transportation expenses;
  • Having good contacts with port authorities, we are able to coordinate with vessels prior to their arrival in order to schedule the appropriate timing for their arrival to avoid any sort of delay and time wasting and arrange direct access to the port, if necessary, without anchorage outside the port;
  • Provide the needed assistance for the ship master, when requested, whether related to port departments or to other official authorities;
  • Provide full support for the ship master and the crew upon arrival until the departure of the vessel;
  • Assume full liability with regard to the ports status vis--vis the principal(s) to assist them in order to accomplish the necessary procedures;
  • Having good relation with owners in Turkey, Greece, Syria, Egypt and others as well as with importers and exporters, we carry out all operations in particular over the Mediterranean Sea. Our professional team ensures their readiness and assists you with all the needed services;
  • Supply vessels with the needed fuel and oil in accordance with the daily rates issued by the Ministry of Petroleum after obtaining the approval of the owner thereof. We supply ships as well with the needed products and items (food, fresh water, spare parts, chemicals, etc) at reasonable prices;
  • Carry out market research and analysis, follow up with the news in the shipping scope;
  • Project and monitor the fulfillment of the general chartering strategy;
  • Prepare and circulate the daily open position list of the vessels;
  • Look for suitable cargoes and starting negotiations for an open vessel;
  • Enter a contract/fixture;
  • Negotiate voyage and time charters, fix vessels from the market and take decision for the periods on which the vessels on time-charter will be operated/worked;
  • Provide maritime consultations;
  • Participate in meetings with Charterers, Brokers, etc.