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CEO: The Chief Executive Officer is the head of the executive department liable to ensuring that the overall operations of Minerva Shipping Agency
are in line with the strategic plan, business plan, risk management plan and oversee policy development and implementation.
CHARTERING DEPARTMENT: It is consisted of high-degree educated specialists with a wide experience and extensive practice in operation,
negotiation, and chartering of tramp and liner vessels.
BROKERING DEPARTMENT: Our brokering department works with all kinds of vessels. With the assistance of our contractors and specialists,
we arrange your purchase or sale of the vessel, everywhere around the world, as well as consult our clients with exact information related to the market,
submitted with precaution and readiness.
CUSTOMER SERVICE UNIT: Our customer service desk is watchful and ready to deal with any emergency and handles any complaint satisfactory.
Customers are assured their shipping matters will be handled carefully, promptly and confidentially.
DOCUMENTATION AND DELIVERY DEPARTMENT: Our documentation and delivery employees provide valid and up-to-date local regulations,
procedures and restrictions pertaining to custom manifests and bill of lading.
ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT: Our accounting staff assumes the role of trustees charged with protecting the financial interests of clients.
STEVEDORING: Loading and unloading ships which we provide having the knowledge of the operation of loading equipment,
proper techniques for lifting and stowing cargo as well as correct handling of hazardous materials. Our workers are known for being physically strong and able to follow orders.
SHIP CHANDLER: Our ship chandler deals in goods as fuel-powered commercial ships, such as oil tankers, container ships, bulk carriers and supplies the crew's food,
ships maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds, paint, rope, etc.